My post in the Safety category was “reassigned” a different category

I just posted a warning about coyotes hunting in our neighborhood and advising everyone to bring their pets inside and that it is not safe for anyone to be outside right now. Instead of leaving my post categorized as “Safety”, it was relabeled. This makes no sense whatsoever. By lowering the importance of my post it could very easily put someone or their pet in direct harm’s way. Coyotes have been know to attack people and most certainly to steal pets directly from their owners. This is not a joke, nor should it be treated as such.

Check out the Neighbors by Ring guidelines, as well as our Help Center article on sharing to the Neighbors community.

If you would like more details on why your post was removed, you will need to reach out to This will get you in touch with our team that monitors the Neighbor’s app, and they can provide more information on why the post was not allowed. Please note that they may take 48-72 hours to respond to you via email. :slight_smile: