My own Ringtones/alerts

Is it possible for me to incorporate my own created ringtones/alerts? I don’t like tones because I don’t remember whats assignend to what. And the generic voice ones don’t say like Pool, sideyard, Front yard, etc. I want to know imediatly which of my doorbells, Spotlights, Stickup cams, etc… are detecting motion/alerts. Examples:

Motion Detected at the pool.

Motion detected at the Garage.

“” “” at the back yard

                                at the front yard

                                 at the external Garage

You get the idea. DIngs/Dongs/chimes tell me nothing for a multiple door and camera system setup. I don’t want to guess where the motion/alert is coming from.

Thanks for letting me post.



Instead of having Ring pick the additional voice announcements (or Alert/Chirp sounds) for us, would it be possible to add a new Alert/Chirp sound selection, called “Custom” . . . and then also provide a method for the user to “Import” a sound file into this Custom slot on each device/sensor/doorbell?

Different ‘Sound Files’ can obtained off the Internet. And you could even make your own sound voice-recording file too! You could then Import tailored voice-recordings, such as: “Someone is Ringing your Backdoor Doorbell”, or “Motion in your Living-room”, or “Your Side Door is open”, or “Motion at your Backyard Cam.” I bet some people wound make some funny voice-recordings, like “Welcome Home Your Highness” for your door sensor chirp. The point is, having an added new ‘Custom’ feature could provide endless Alert/Chirp choices!

Although some people workaround this utilizing the Amazon Echo that can provide this ability, but I would prefer a “Custom” Alert/Chirp selection listed right along with the other choices of ‘Windchimes, Harp, etc.’, all in the Ring App. Additionally, I’m resistant to having an Echo in my house, because the idea of something listening to everything in my house I still find a bit too creepy for me (I’ve disabled “Listening” abilities of my other high-tech devices in my house). You can see that this could be distinctive aubible Chirps to know which Door, and which DoorBell, Motion Detector, Contact Sensor, and Video Camera too.

Now, if you think this “Custom” Alert/Chirp option (with Import capability) would be nice to have, click on link below and click the Thumbs Up Icon. Ring Teams notice Feature Requests with higher Thumbs Up numbers, and then are more likely to incorporate the Feature Request. There are quite a few similar posts requesting either wanting larger Alert/Chirps selections, or more Voice announcements. Hopefully this “Custom” option would meet everyone’s needs.

I agree the ability to import/create custom tones or voice announcements would be a HUGE plus!!

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I can’t believe custom ringtones haven’t been implemented yet.
An import feature to customize device and location notifications should be a high priority for the development team.
It’s available on the competition.

Has anything happened about the ringtones request?

Any updates on this? This is very essential for homes with multiple external doors, swimming pools etc. I bought Ring system 3 days ago and I can’t believe this feature is not available. I feel like returning the system if Ring can’t have this feature. Its completely useless for me if the chirp of my wife opening the kitchen yard door (pretty safe) is same as that of my child walking near the pool (warning) vs someone opening my side yard door. (another warning).