My neighbour keeps covering the camera. Whatt can I do?

I am disabled and as such I purchased a video/audio doorbell. I installed it and informed the neighbour that lives upstairs from me and he said it was fine, (We share the same entrance to the building).
Over the last month every time he enters the building he slams his hand against the camera to obscure the view. This causes the alarm to sound. I have asked him not to but he has said that I am now violating his privacy and has ignored my request. Is this true? What cause of action can I take?

I’m not sure what you expect a message board to do. Call the police or talk to your landlord.

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I was hoping for some advice, if at all possible.
The two flats are owned by different people and I do not know who owns my neighbours flat otherwise I would have contacted them.

I would ask around how to contact the Home Owners Association. They are 1st party that has to know other owner. Any buildings that share common walls, structures has to have one. Otherwise your city or county recorders office should have tax records. May take a personal visit to get. If these groups not help consult a lawyer, as the other person is clearly harassing you. Keep video evidence.

I would purchase a pop up camera and have someone come install in ceiling corner. As a side note, if someone passed by your camera, it would go off anyway. I wouldn’t be upset. Just know he is gonna do that everyday and move on. A pop up camera would prevent this though.