My motion detection won’t turn back on

I turned my motion detection off today as my washing in the line was constantly activating it. Now it won’t turn back on. The camera is working fine when I press live. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and turning my phone off and on but nothing works! Anyone else had this?

Hi @Kharris1976. Is there a particular message or pop-up you’re seeing when you try to activate the motion detection toggle? I’d also recommend making sure motion detection isn’t disabled under your Modes settings, as this could be impacting it as well.

Hey @Kharris1976. If you are unable to use the motion detection toggle in the Ring app for iOS, please visit the app store and ensure you have the latest version of the Ring app installed. Our teams identified and resolved an issue preventing the motion detection toggle from working, so please update your Ring app and test it out. Thank you! :slight_smile: