My iphone does not receive any ring alerts and in Device Settings it will not allow me to choose “ring alerts” only Motion detection. How then can I activate Ring Alerts in settings

My iphone cannot receive Ring alerts from my Ring 4. In Device Settings it will only allow me to activate the Motion Detection tag. How can I switch to Ring alerts

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Hi @user7665. Can you share a screen recording showing what happens when you try to toggle the Ring Alerts on in the Ring App? This way I have a better idea of what the concern might be, as there should be no issue in toggling on Ring Alerts in order to receive a notification when someone rings the Doorbell. :slight_smile:

Does not hear chimemy phone does not hear doorbell chimes why

Why can’t I hear doorbell

What service do I have

Hi neighbors! @user7925 Are you not receiving any notifications via the Ring App, or do you mean that you can’t hear the Doorbell when it rings? Which model of Doorbell do you have, and do you have it wired into an existing doorbell chime kit?

@user7926 I’m happy to try and answer your question if you can provide some more clarification. Are you asking about which Ring Protect plan you have in place? We have a general outline of all our Ring Protect plans in our Help Center Article here, and you can always check which plan you have by logging into your account on and clicking on Protect Plan from the top.