My doorbell missed the one incident I actually needed it not to

After (seemingly) capturing all sorts of motion pretty instantly outside my front door, this doorbell inexplicably did not capture ANY of a long act of my kids’ bike and scooters literally being collected and loaded into a van (total kidnapping-style). I would not have known how slowly it all played out (or any other details) had it not been for my neighbor’s Google Nest doorbell capturing the whole thing from across the street, but I’m having a hard time digesting that my Ring doorbell picked up nothing.

After this experience, I jacked up the sensitivity to max, then it started capturing branches shaking due to the wind, but either way, too little too late.

I’m pretty sure I signed away any right to sue Ring when I installed and set up this doorbell, but I needed to rant at least once. I would have considered the Google Nest doorbell for us if it wasn’t literally over 4 times the price.

Hopefully this is the last time I truly need this doorbell to vouch for me and the last time it falls short.

FYI for anyone wondering: I have the Ring Wired Doorbell 2021 (aka the cheap one.)

I also have a trio of Blink Outdoor cams that captured squat.

Hi @waqqas31. Sorry to hear about this. It is always best to adjust and dial in your Motion Detection for any video doorbell. Missing motion events can be frustrating, that is why I suggest adjusting, then testing your detection so that all areas you want covered, are covered. This can be a balancing challenge between battery life and motion detection, but with our Ring Pro or Ring Wired, battery life is of no concern.