My door bell only works half the time

I’m really not impressed with our doorbell. We only purchased it in December and it started off perfectly fine. Now it only works half the time (even with fully charged batteries). You can stand in front of it waving and it still won’t detect you sometimes. Very sporadic.

We have the ring doorbell video 3. It wasn’t cheap, and I’m very much hoping there’s something we can do to improve it or that ring will give our money back and collect it, because it’s no use to using it’s not going to work properly.

Has anyone else managed to fix this issue?

Hi @Kierancahill. This could be due to how your settings are configured on your Doorbell. One setting to take a closer look at would be your Motion Frequency. This setting determines the dwell time in between recordings. This Community post here has some information on how to best configure this. I hope this helps!