My 3 Floodlight Cams not in synch (counting time displayed) when accessed

I always update all of my apps on my iPhone. But since the last RING app update, a problem has cropped up.

I have 3 FloodLight Cams currently operational. Before the last RING app update, and when I accessed the 3 cameras remotely, all 3 were displayed with the time counting up in the lower left corner of the individual displays - with all 3 cams displaying the same time counting up. I have set the cameras to display one on top of the other.

Since the last RING app update, and every time that I access the cameras via the RING app, all 3 are displayed as has always been the case. But only 2 cameras display the same time count-up starting from zero. The third camera’s time displays the time elapsed since I last accessed it. And the “lagging” camera (my term as I don’t know how else to describe it) will not show the correct counting-up time until I tap on it. Then the next screen directs me to “Tap to go Live”. After tapping, I then must click on the “X” in the upper-left part of the next screen to return to the all-cams-display-one-on-top-of-the-other setting. I do that and everything returns to normal. The really confusing part is that the ‘lagging’ camera is not always the same one as before. It always changes to one of the other cameras. Other than that, everything is in good and working order.

Am I missing something? I have not knowingly made any settings changes to cause this. Or is this the new normal?

I did contact tech support but was unable to describe the situation to the tech in a way that she could understand. Admittedly, her ability to understand what I was telling her and as well, her command of the English language was, on a 0-10 scale, 10 being best: 6. Suggestions?



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Hi @CJABMarview. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I’ve shared this feedback with our teams here and we are expecting to have this fixed with the next Ring app update. I don’t have an exact date, but it should be a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for your attention to detail and if you have any other questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask the Community. Thanks, neighbor!