Mute Power Outage Alerts on Extenders

I prefer my extenders be silent for events like power outages. My goes off for short periods on a regular basis. How do I silence these alerts on the extenders I have in my home (main level and basement). I have Chime Pro and Alarm Range Extender.

Hi @MLBeech. Would you be able to clarify, or provide a screenshot of which specific alert you’re referring to? It’s also worth noting that the Chime Pro and the Alarm Range Extender are going to be separate and have separate alerts that are played.

I would like the Chime Pro and Alarm Range Extender in my basement to be 100% silent and NO alerts at all for any reason.

@MLBeech Thanks for the clarification. The Alarm Range Extender doesn’t make any sort of audible alert. As for the Chime Pro, you can adjust the Chime Tone and which events it should chime for in the settings. You can find steps on how to do that along with some example screenshots in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: