Mute notifications when disarmed / enable notification when Home or Away

Notifications should be customizable adding to the status of the alarm.

Would be useful to not have any notification when the alarm is disarmed, but when in Home or Away mode for the notifications to be enabled again automatically.

I believe at the moment we would have to enable/disable the notifications pet device everything we disarm/arm.

This should be customizable per device as well.

I fully agree to this. In addition it should be possible to set times you want notifications even when I’m home mode. For example; I don’t need notifications duringf daytime when I have home office and mode is sat to “Home”, but I do want it at night.

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Agreed! This is crazy to not have. I still want motion recordings when home I just dont want the notifications every second

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+1 here. Exactly the same situation for me.

Came to see how to request this as well. I thought for sure when I got my ring setup that this was standard operating procedure. Yeah I want my stuff recorded regardless, but when I’m home I don’t need notifications every time Sally runs in front of the camera upstairs. But as soon as I’m away it should swap to away mode and turn notifications on. Easy, and easy to understand why people want this feature available independently of recording as a setting in modes