Multiple Ring Chime Pros

Can two chime pros be used in sequence (ie the first chime pro becomes a bridge to a second chime pro) due to the distance from the router to connect devices further away from the router location?

Hey @McMac. Installing a second Chime Pro is a perfect idea if you’re worried about the signal not being strong enough for the devices around your home to connect to your home network. Adding on additional Chime Pro(s) will only help the signal as they will daisy chain off of each other. Also, having a Chime Pro that is dedicated specifically one Ring device and having the other connected to another Ring device (if you have multiple Ring devices) will only help improve the experience you have with it.

When setting up these devices, you will want to make sure you set up the Chime Pro(s) first. Ideally, the Chime Pro should be set up halfway between your Ring device and your wifi router. Once this is set up and you go to connect your device(s) in the app or re-connect them, it will recognize the closest/strongest connection Chime Pro available to you to connect to. Hope this helps clear it up for you!