Multiple RING Alarms, single property

Hi, I have an existing RING alarm and siren on a detached garage conversion at my property. The main house alarm is old and having experienced RING for the garage would like to also have a matching RING system and siren for the main house property. It looks like RING can cope with multiple locations - I saw an article that suggested this isn’t possible however what are the issues of just buying another RING Alarm, base station etc. as if my neighbour bought one?

Would I need to subscribe to several RING protect plans?

Is there an issue with the Z Wave network or whatever it uses where over closer distances (same property) the two ALARM base stations and sensors would clash? I can’t imagine so otherwise someone with a small property would not be able to have a neighbour who bought one?!

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.



Hi @user22747. We do not recommend it as you will have to create two locations and will have to pay for two protection plans separately, even if the buildings are at the same location. That’s only if you plan on having both Ring Alarms Professionally Monitored. The Base Stations will not interfere with each other signal-wise nor affect your Sensors. I hope this helps!


Thanks. Creating another location seems a small impact, paying for two plans seems a shame for an existing customer but not significant cost and could choose to only monitor one. I know you said you don’t recommend it but the alternative is a non ring alarm on one of the buildings and that would seem to have more downsides ? I’m not seeing any reason not to go ahead, thanks.