Multiple Notifications for the Same Event

The steps are clear enough. But that’s not the solution. We all want the Rich Notifications. We just don’t want them to come in sets of 3 for each motion detected.

I am glad I found this forum. Both my wife and I get 3-6 apple watch notifications per 1-notification on our iphones. I agree that I want the Rich Notifications on, and this problem fixed. It is 100% a Ring programming issue. Please… resolve this… it is VERY annoying.

Hi there, neighbors! As mentioned in our Community post about Rich Notifications, there may be times when multiple notifications are sent to ensure for the quickest delivery of an event notification. If too many notifications are happening with a smart watch in use, please note that Ring does not directly support any official smart watch integrations.

Rich Notifications is a feature that is optional to use. If you are seeming to receive multiple notifications too often, see if this changes with the feature disabled. It’s worth also seeing if notifications work as intended when a smart watch is not in use.

If you are receiving multiple notifications in a fashion that is not described above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Just adding that I’ve been having the same issue for a month or so as well. It’s very distracting. Turning off the feature is not a fix.
Just tell us that you’re aware of the issue and that you’re working on it.
Telling us that you don’t support our devices is not acceptable, this is a smart doorbell, and having it work on our devices is the whole point.

Just wanting to add something:

  1. I’m not using Apple Watch, or any “smart” watches.
  2. It was pushing multiple Rich notification for same event on iPad Pro 1st gen with iOS 14.4
  3. It was pushing multiple Rich notification for same event on iPhone 6+ with iOS 12.5

It was driving me crazy. So I turned the Rich Notifications off. Peace and quiet, finally.

But, and here’s a big “but”: I figured I could risk it and toggled Rich Notifications back on. The repeated notifications stopped! And I get the preview thumbnails too!

So whatever the reason, the initial roll-out of this feature didn’t apply (sensitivity setting?) properly to us users and just needed a virtual kick to knock things into proper place.

Again, hope this helps people: Just toggle the Rich Notifications in Ring Setting off and back on.

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This is an incredibly lazy response, and completely passing the buck on the issue at hand. There’s something clearly broken with the rich notifications. And has been for quite a while from the looks of the OP date.

Please understand:

  • We want rich notifications.
  • We don’t want multiple rich notifications for the same event.
  • Turning off rich notifications is not a solution. This is treating the symptom, not the cause.

I am also getting multiple notifications for just 1 of my 3 cameras and it is very annoying.


I found this forum when trying to determine why I get 2 “neighborhood” notifications for each neighborhood alert. The following steps fixed the issue for me (iPhone app):

  1. Open the Ring App.
  2. Select the 3 dashes (hamburger) in the upper left corner of the app.
  3. Select Neighbors.
  4. Select the 3 dashes (with a little circle on each dash) to the right of Customize Neighbors.
  5. You should see the Neighborhood feeds that you are subscribed to on this page. Select Notification Preferences.
  6. Select Notification Types. You should now see the same list of feeds that you saw in step 5. Uncheck all of the feeds on this screen and select Apply Filter.

Unchecking the second set of feeds fixed the problem for me.

Good Luck!

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Add me to the list.

Just spoke to Ring support over the phone and the rep was unaware of the issue although he tried some solutions that did not work, all of them already mentioned here.

He did say that he was going to research it and get back to me but I am not hopeful that he will have a solution.

In the meantime, I TURNED OFF RICH NOTIFICATIONS as others have mentioned here and it has been a temporary workaround for now until rich notifications work properly again. :neutral_face:

Add me to this list. Ring suddenly gives 4-5 notifications for each motion event, and motion sensitivity is way off the charts, detecting cars driving by that it never used to acknowledge. I’ve turned off the rich notifications thing. I’ll see how that goes. It was working great until all these “new” features were added to the app. It’s not great.

Agreed with the above, +1.

@spaceman_spiff said it well above:

Please understand:

  • We want rich notifications.
  • We don’t want multiple rich notifications for the same event.
  • Turning off rich notifications is not a solution. This is treating the symptom, not the cause.

Please work this out!


Add me to the list. I want rich notifications, but not the regular notification.

Happened to me today. 18 notifications for 1 delivery. Husband only got 1. Same phone Samsung 20 FE. And now the Live View on my doorbell doesn’t work either.

I never had “Rich Notifications” turned on, and it still sends me two alerts per event on each of the three cameras I have outside. It’s been 8 months since this issue has happened for so many people.
I also believe it’s on the RING server side, and they need to be taking care of this. They just don’t seem to care, and they can’t seem to fix it…I don’t think they even care if they fix it. Very poor customer service. I think I’ll have to invest in someone else’s products instead.

This is not resolved in any shape or form. Calling to report is pointless as it’s not an issue for a few, it’s an issues for the masses. Just that most people, myself included, had assumed the issue would have been resolved by now. It’s been happening for as long as I can remember. My Apple Watch is inoperable most of the time due to the sheer number of notifications for each event. I get notified 4 or more times if the wind blows!! The ring system is not cheap, so I expect a decent level of service and for reported issues to actually be resolved. At the moment it would be less of a hindrance to just sit on the doorstep myself 24/7. Step up ring (no pun intended).

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I have the same issue on my Apple Watch. My phone his totally fine, but if the notifications go to my watch, it sends 3 back to back.

Same here, when rich notifications are enabled. Disable rich notifications and all is fine, but no thumbnail. :woozy_face:

Please fix the problem, with enabled rich notifications! (German: Ergänzte Benachrichtigungen)

It’s honestly quite pathetic that this is still an issue more than 6 months later. Having the exact same issue. Notifications have worked fine FOR YEARS and now all of a sudden the door detects motion and instead of getting a single notification I get multiple in a row - Sometimes up to 6! Incredibly annoying and distracting when this happens when I’m driving and I don’t have a way to shut my phone up.

I’ve tried resetting the device to factory settings and completely removing the app from my Android and pairing it all from scratch. This did literally nothing but waste my time.

Incredible that a company that expects people to pay a subscription to store their personal video files in the cloud can’t figure out something as basic as multiple notifications… I’d certainly think twice about how competent the developers are in regards to security if they can’t stop spamming my device with the same notification over and over.

The only fix I found was to disable the live view, however that essentially makes the device useless.

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Having same issue here started about a month ago

Its even happening on the phone without watch

Its soo annoying ring is going downhill with support they keep updating and breaking things

Fix its been too long for everyone
Address it and fix it !!!

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So to add my 2cents worth:
Pulling the battery sometimes works, but never for long. It’s also doorbell specific, my two Stick Up Cams don’t have this issue, but the Ring 2 sends multiple notifications to both my iPad and iPhone. Rich notifications are now turned off, and I only have a Chime linked to the doorbell for doorbells rings, not for motion.
I installed the Ring Rapid app when I read about it and ceased notifications on the Ring app (although it’s still installed). Guess what happened as soon as it saw motion? Four notifications in quick succession to the Ring Rapid app, newly installed. This is almost certainly an issue with the Ring Doorbell itself as this is the common factor.
I have never had multiple notifications from either stick up cam. I have had multiple notifications to two separate Ring apps on my iPhone. I get multiple notifications to both my iPhone and iPad.
Your engineers need to look at what the firmware on the Ring device itself is doing.

Same issue. I get six notifications for each event on my watch and two on my phone. Not to mention all the false positives from one camera. So frustrating and annoying. I just turned off the notifications from my watch which really reduces the benefit of even having a ring camera.

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