Multiple Chime Pros ; multiple Ring Devices. Which Device talks to which Chime Pro?

I have 2 new Chime Pros and 3 Stickup CAM battery devices. Does the Ring app offer any clue as to which CAM is connected to which Chime Pro? (I know they all belong to the same “Chime Pro Network” but that doesn’t answer my question.)


Hi @beaconMan. You can check which devices are connected to each Chime Pro in the Ring App. Open the Main Menu > Devices > Chime Pro > Chime Pro Network. This should show you which Cameras you have connected to the specific Chime Pro you’re looking at. You can also edit the name of your Chime Pro if needed by tapping on General Settings and editing the Device Name. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

well i followed this and it doesnt say what chime pro each cam is connected to . all my cams and doorbell just say chime pro network although i have two of them front and back of the house. so how can you see each individual cam on individual chime pros ?

Hi @hotlurve. When you select the Chime Pro and tap the Chime Pro Network, it will show what devices are connected. A device will connect to the Chime Pro that offers the best improvement for your RSSI, which is typically the one closest to the device. I hope this helps.