Multiple Chime Pros - Devices don't always pick the best one

I have 2 Chime Pro devices on the opposite sides of the house.

On the outside I have 4 Ring Cameras / Doorbell. What I have noticed is that the Ring devices sometimes latch on to the Chime Pro which is farther away and then start reporting bad WiFi singnal while the closer Chime Pro is online.

Then since there is no way to reboot a Camera or Doorbell through the app and force it to reconnect I go and unplug the farther Chime Pro. That forces the connection to the other one and signal is perfect.

This seems like a flaw somewhere. Ring cameras and doorbells should be able to automatically switch to the best Chime Pro based on signal strength without any manual intervenention. Another flaw is that there is no way to restart a device via the app or to change its WiFi network without climbing up to the device and pushing the setup button.