Multiple cameras and two accounts?

I live in a apartment that has two ring cameras set up. My roommate and I are able to view them under a Shared Account. If I wanted to get a new camera for my own private use, for my bedroom, how would I go about adding it to the WiFi? Would it interfere with the cameras and account that is already set up in the apartment? Obviously I would still want to keep the existing access to the shared cameras but I would want a separate private account for the camera that would be in my room? Is this possible?


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Good question, @dfl85! For Cameras only, this should not be a problem at all. If you were to have a Ring Alarm system, sharing a location could interfere with monitoring and such. As it sounds like it’s just two Ring Cameras here, these can certainly share the same wifi network while also being owned on a separate Ring account.

Simply use the same Ring account that you created to become an invited shared user. Using this Ring account, you will setup your Camera and your roommate would set their Camera up on their own account. This should have no impact on one another’s devices or experience. You may also add one another as shared users to both and control this as you go. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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