Multiple Apps: Ipad and Iphone and Online

I am having an issue with having a single system on multiple platforms (Iapd, Iphone, etc).

For example, when I disable a camera on one app (lets on iphone), the camerarremains enabled on other app (on Ipad).

So in the end the camera is not disabled but only disabled on the iphone app . .How to correct this?

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Hey @Styopa! If you are speaking of the notification toggles or volume slider, then it is working as intended. When altering how our device notifies from the app to your mobile device, this should be changed per mobile device as you may want sounds on one versus another.

Depending on what setting is being changed, other apps should definitely reflect any change that is not specific to one app or mobile device. Keep in mind it may take a couple seconds for the app to refresh on other mobile devices. If you are still experiencing this, please let me know what exact setting it is for and I will be happy to help further :slight_smile:

There is a def disconnect among devices. Made another test…open closed apps a few times just in case. See attached…one is from iPhone app…the other an IPad app…

Thank you for those examples! To clarify my last response, the motion alert toggle is also considered a notification setting. The notification and alert related settings are intended to be changed per mobile device, to allow you to customize your experience. I.E. you may want your IPad to notify for motion, but you may not want your phone to.