Multi device sync ?

I don’t use my cell phone much. But I have installed the ring app on it as well as my samsung tablet (which I use a lot). All weekend long I was using the app on the tablet to try and iron out a working doorbell (that is still ongoing) - but today I picked up my cell phone and there were a gazillion motion alerts. I thought I noticed smoke as I cleared all the notifications from the phone :slight_smile: I did reinstall the app on my tablet this weekend and made sure I turned off motion alerts, but somehow the phone had motion alerts enabled.

I have no interest in motion alerts. Yes I’d like to see motion events but that’s it.

So I wonder what sort of impact (unknowingly) the cell phone receiving alerts has on my overall ring doorbell experience ? Obviously in my case settings are not sync’d across devices. Should they be ?

Hey @charlies. The Alerts that you have setup on your tablet will not affect the way you have them setup on your cell phone. These settings are device specific and will not impact the others. I also find myself using my iPad for the majority of my Ring app use!