Moving from ATT to Ring - Unable to connect Yale Deadbolt to connect with new wave module installed

Currently with ATT & RING , but looking to drop ATT. Only road block is that i can not connect Yale Real living Touchscreen Deadbolt to RING system. I purchased a new zwave module and have followed steps to drop current network, remove batteries, remove att module, re-insert new zwave , re-insert batteries, but my only option is to exit the network… (3) no option (1) to pick up new, so the RING app never detects my new module. Any help would be great… THe locks are pretty expensive , and having purchased one thr att and a new zwave module, i would LOVE to not have to purchase a whole new setup…

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Hi @cinnyo! The best first step here will be to check out our Works With Ring Smart Lock Compatibility list. This will help you to confirm that your Yale lock model is compatible. The additional zwave component you have may not be compatible however. The Alarm Base Station communicates with connected devices through zwave, so this additional component would likely not be necessary if the lock is compatible with Ring. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Way late, but this should help others jumping from ATT like myself. Many sites say to replace the z wave module in the lock itself. This unnecessary. The ATT one will work.

In the ring app go to devices>alarm base station>Base station>Settings cog at top right> Advance options>Z wave>Remove z wave device.

On the lock Enter master code then # 7 # 3
And this will clear the old settings.

Now you’ll add a z wave device.
Set up device>Security>Works with Ring>add button

On the lock Enter master code then # 7 # 1
Hopefully then you should follow setup step on the ring app.


To set up the jasco (same as GE plugs) ATT provides I got it to work with these steps.
Plug something into the z wave side of the plug and plug it into a wall socket and hold the middle button for over 1 minute. Then in the ring app:
Setup device>security>works with ring>add button
When it is listening, press the jasco main button once and it should sync.

*I actually was able to reset the jasco plugs much easier, without the 1 minute hold. Just follow the steps to remove the z wave device and unlearn will wipe it (same as door) the just press the button once. And to relearn press the button once as well. *

I believe the ATT door and window sensors don’t work with the z wave frequency but I’m still trying them. They also won’t alarm the system but it would still be useful to have them.

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