Moving a ring video to another home

What do I need to do to move Ring Doorbell 2 to a different home?

Hi there, @pjeans! Moving locations is easy, especially if you remain using the same Ring account. To start, please remember to save/ download any important videos (if you are subscribed). Once complete, open the Ring app, log in, and open the menu. Towards the top of the menu will be your location with an option to add a location, where you can add the new address. Next, visit your Video Doorbell 2 page in the Ring app, tap the Device Settings tile, then General Settings, and then change location to the address you just added.

Alternatively, or if needed, you can remove the Video Doorbell from the Ring app:

  • Open the Ring app
  • Select the gear icon from the Video Doorbell camera preview on the Ring app dashboard
  • Select Device Settings
  • Choose General Settings, then Remove Device.

From there, you will simply complete a new setup process on the Video Doorbell in the Ring app, using the new location address. This is much longer process, but might be useful in some scenarios such as changing ownership of the Ring device.

Last but not least, and if subscribed, remember to subscribe the new location to a Protect Plan for continued plan benefits at the new address. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: