Mounting spot light cam

I have ring spot light cam both wired and solar. I can’t get the head of the camera to go into the mounting bracket. It is like the screws will not loosen enough and then I can’t tighten the screws either. the head will not snap into place. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi @user33252. Make sure you are loosening the screw on the grey collar enough. You should be able to use the screwdriver provided with your Spotlight Cam to fully loosen the screw so you can pop the ball into the socket. If your Spotlight Cam came with an orange screwdriver, this screwdriver has two ends. You can pull the Phillips bit out of the orange handle and swap it around to get the star key on the other side.

@Caitlyn_Ring I have loosen the screws but the head will not “pop in”. it is not big enough. Is head suppose to pop in? or does it just rest and you have to tighten it around the ball while holding both pieces? Secondly now I can’t get the screws to tighten the band to hold the head in place. this is extremely frustrating. I have never had a problem with mounting and installing ring cameras before.

@Caitlyn_Ring Is there a way I can show you live view what is happening

@user33252 I’d recommend following up with our support team if you’re not able to install your Spotlight Cam, as they can try to further guide you than we can on the Ring Community.You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.