Mount Wedge Kit

I recently purchased a Ring Video Doorbell 3 along with a Wedge Kit + No-Drill Mount.

I just wanted to know if its possible to use double-sided tape to mount the Wedge Kit or does it definitely need to be drilled? I was hoping to mount the doorbell onto the No-Drill Kit then mount that on top of the Wedge Kit.
Thank you.

Good question, @Karolina1! While it is recommended for best installation practice, using screws to attach your Video Doorbell to the No Drill Mounting bracket is not mandatory. You can certainly use double sided tape, however, please ensure this doesn’t prevent the Video Doorbell from sitting securely and snug on the No Drill Mount. Additionally, the screws are to ensure your Ring device is securely mounted, so if there is any security screw for the faceplate or bracket, I recommend at least installing that screw. Otherwise, using double sided tape should work just fine. :slight_smile: