Motion zones...

I have 1 motion zone set up but app says there’s 3…can’t see other 2. Bizarre…anyone else having the same problem??

Hi Youngers, Ive just added the stick up plug in cam.... and noticed as you said,,,just one zone. BUT.... If you go to device settings/motion settings/ motion verification ,,,,then enable the verification part, then go back to motion detection,,, click continue` and then the 3 on/off zones appear. No idea how I found that :smileyvery-happy: , but give it a try.

Same problem. Can not see zone 1 & 2 but can see zone 3. Can not figure it out.

If you are still unable to see the motion zones, try to redraw zone 1 and save it. There should then be an option to “add another zone”. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley… Maybe I misunderstood Youngers post… But what youre describing sounds like the drawable` zones I see on the doorbell motion zone section…

But , the motion detection section on the stick up cam isnt the same,( on my app anyway ) Its basically 1 arc rising from bottom of the picture, and only the bottom half of the picture is covered, ( so no cover at all in the top 50% of the frame,

then, theres a motion sensitivity slider. Thats it. no drawable zones like on the doorbell part of the app.

I Think thats what Youngers was referring to, , Like me, I think he was expecting the drawable zones that you describe. Thanks.