Motion Zones

I keep attempting to change my motion zone, but when I hit “DONE” I get an error meesage to the effect of “Oops sorry - try again later” and it won’t save. I have already uninstalled and re-installed the RING app. Thank you

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Same thing here been happening for at least a week.

Hey neighbors! When trying to save your motion zones, do you have just one big motion zone? If possible, try breaking it up into multiple zones, even if they cover the same area. Additionally, please make sure that the connection your Ring app has to your phone is stable (if wifi is on, try making this change using mobile data, or vice versa). Let me know how this goes!

Yes, that’s the error message I get. It’s been that way for a while, whenever I try to adjust the motion zone, save it, then press “done”. I got RING tech support on the phone and they were zero help. I need to adjust it becaseu I want to display my US flag - when I do I get non-stop alerts with the slightest breeze. Any ideas how to solve? As per tech, I uninstalled, then re-installed the app and the same thing happened!

@Lyle Thank you for getting back to me! I apologize that you were unable to still get it resolved after reinstalling your app. There is indeed a couple more things you can try to do! If you could, please try to remove the motion zone(s) you have set up, and then create three new zones. Please utilize all three zones and then attempt to save it from there. If you continue to get this error message when connected to your wifi network, try swapping over to data and saving this, or vice versa depending on what network you’re on.

If all else fails, I would recommend removing the device from your account, resetting the device by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds, and then re-setting it up. Before you do remove the device, if you get to this point, please make sure you save any videos you may have wanted, as those videos will disappear when you remove the device! When you re-set up the device, please ensure you are connecting it to the 2.4 GHz network from your home wifi. Once set up, create your motion zones and let me know if that fixes it!

Hello Chelsea:

I tried it one more time and it now appears to have accepted the new motion zone.

Not sure what the difference is but it works now.

Thank you for responding!

@Lyle I’m so glad to hear that! It may have been possible that at the times of trying to change it, there was some network interruptions. I have this happen occasionally, especially during this time when everyone’s wifi seems to be spotty like mine! :joy_cat: Really happy it’s been fixed for you though. :smiley_cat: