Motion zones for lights not saving

Disable zones on ‘Motion Zones for Lights’, press Save. Go back out and back in and its switched every zone back on. It remembers changes in Distance, but not the actual Zones. Tried to attach a screen recording to this but it wont let me.

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Hey @GrahamP. Are you able to upload a screen recording to Youtube and then give us this link? I would love to take a look at this to see what could be causing the concern!

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As you will see, the motion sensitivity slider it remembers, but trying to turn the areas off, after clicking save it doesnt save it…


Ive also uninstalled the App and rebooted the phone 3 times and reinstalled - but no change…

I have the same issue - left and right motion zones for the lights were off and I can’t turn then back on - distance will change but only applies to the middle zone which is active

Tried on different devices (phone / iPad) but same issue.

Not working for me as well. I go in and adjust the motion zones to “on” and set the distance to “max” and hit save but it just automatically reverts back to off. I have uninstalled the app several times as well.

Thank you for this information, neighbors. We appreciate your patience while the team continues to investigate this. We’re going to have a Ring team member contact you using the same email address associated with your Community log in and Ring account. We’ll be able to give you a more direct line of support and deliver information to the appropriate team at Ring. We will continue to update you with information from the team when we have a more permanent fix.

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this post as a solution. While we are aware of this concern and as the team continues to investigate, this is a helpful way for other neighbors that come into this thread to try these recommended troubleshooting steps. In addition, any neighbor that comments in this thread with having this concern will be reached out to personally in order to issue a fix from our end. Please continue to share examples as to what happens so we can pass it along to the appropriate teams. We appreciate your patience and will continue to update this thread with more information. Thank you again!

I’m also having this same issue.

Thank you,

Same issue here. Seems to have started after the last update. Prior to the update this worked properly for me for the 6 months we’ve had the floodlight camera.

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I am having the same issue on iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 13.4.1. Tried deleting and installing app. Tried on iPad with latest os. Tried resetting floodlight cam and resetting up from scratch.

Same issue here in an Android phone

Suffering the same issue here. I’m on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus running Android Pie.

To replicate the issue I go into Motion Zones for Lights and try to turn On/Off zones or change the Distance.

Everything looks fine, so I hit Save.

Then it takes me to the previous menu “Light Settings”. If I now go back into Motion Settings, the settings have all been reset…

Looking forward to getting an update on this

I’m having the same problem with both of my ring floodlights. I have an Android Galaxy S7. App version says 3.21.0. I upgraded to 3.24.1 and it had the same problem. I have a friend with an Iphone and he is also having this issue

I am having the same issue.

Having same issue with my floodlight camera, motion zone changes for lights not saving.

Please update me when there is a fix for this issue as it’s impacting my security.

I am having the same problem and the lights will not stop coming on due to wind!

I am having the same issue with several devices that I’ve tested with this week.
IPhone 13.3.1
Ring App 5.24.1
Floodlight Camera and 2 Spotlight Cameras (all three showing “Up to date” Firmware)

Having the same issue, going on 2 weeks tomorrow. It is not saving the changes, all other changes give you a prompt, stating saving with a green check mark. When I attempt to save my motion zones, it just takes me back to the previous screen.

Ring, can we please get an update as soon as possible - thanks!

Having the same issue.

Hey neighbors! Just wanted to pass on word that I heard from my teams. It looks like the issue of the motion zones for the lights not saving on the Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam has been fixed at this time. Thank you to the neighbors that were patient during this time and I apologize in advance if we were unable to get to everyone that originally had this concern. It is now resolved, so please make sure you have an updated version of your app! If you continue to run into this concern of the zones not saving, please let us know or for a more immediate response, please reach out to our support team here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this information, neighbors. For now, I have accepted this post as a solution as we have deemed that this trending concern has been resolved. We appreciate your patience again and will continue to keep an eye on this thread in case things change. Thank you!