Motion/Zones and Sensitivity not working on Peephole Cam

I have a Peephole Cam installed in a condo door that faces a stairwell. The stairs go up starting about 8 feet in front of our door. There is another condo to our right looking out and the stairs go down 8 feet in front of that door. We are only interested in recording people who enter and leave our condo and want to minimize triggering on anything else in order to maximize battery life. With the sensitivity set to minimum and only the left motion zone turned on, it should only trigger on people coming up to the door and perhaps the people on the left side of the stairs in front of our door. Instead, it is picking up everyone, even if they come up the stairs to our right and go in to the condo next door, entering only the right zone and not the middle or left zones. As a result, our battery lasts only 6 weeks. Not sure if the motion zones and sensitivity settings are defective in my unit or in the Peephole Cam in general. The walls in the stairwell are white so I suppose it is possible a persons IR emmissions are boucing all around. I’m curious if anyone has had good success with the sensitivity settings and particularly the motion zones on the Peephole Cam.

Hey @NiwotStan! It sounds like you are covering the right bases to get this working as intended. When viewing an enclosed environment, with many nearby features, there is certainly a chance of reflections or certain objects/ people triggering motion events. The best adjustment for these areas is minimizing sensitivity, and only activating zones that are necessary. As you mentioned already doing this, please also check on the Motion Verification setting to see if this helps.

In the event that there might be entryways or areas nearby that you wish to remain private, feel free to also check out our help center article about privacy zones. Keep in mind, privacy zones will not impact motion detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: