Motion Zone

Recently updated and re-set. Set up the setting on my zone, and it’s nowhere near accurate. There is an embankment across the street from me approx 100-120’ away, that is elevated about 10-15’. The highest point on the motion zone is our sidewalk, but cars driving by on the elevated street are setting off our Ring (not to mention cars on our street). I’ve been messing with the settings the last few days, and no help. These objects are nowhere near the zone, so not sure why they’re activating our camera. Any advice would be appreciated - this feature is essentially unusable right now as-is.

Hi there, @gembob! As every home is different, the best method of obtaining optimal motion detection for your area is indeed through testing out different settings. While there are various settings available in the Ring app, some options might benefit certain environments more than others. For instance, motion scheduling might be a good fit for some neighbors, where as motion snooze is better for others. Try out different motion setting variations and enabling/ disabling other advanced motion features like people only mode. Physically altering the angle of your Camera can also help to fine tune motion detection. :slight_smile: