Motion zone good but motion detected regardless

Did ring changed anything to the zones of movement in the ring doorbell (pro version)?
I setup mine a year’ish ago to my porch only and everything worked fine until a few months ago … Now, I get motion alerts for each car going up the street, neighbor’s getting in their cars etc…
I checked my zone setting and everything is how it was and as it should be…

Hey @Melusine. Do you have People Only mode on? Occasionally when in People Only Mode, light reflection, as from an outside window or passing cars, can activate motion detection. If you’re getting a lot of unwanted notifications look for reflective surfaces that may be shining light onto your device, even if they are outside of the motion detection zone. The reflections may be throwing off the motion detection, so if you have this, test and see if your motion recordings are still happening from cars passing by when you turn off the People Only Mode setting. In addition, I always recommend to utilize as many zones are you can on the Ring Pro, so see if adding in a third zone (maybe one that breaks up the bigger zones?) to see if this helps as well! :slight_smile: