Motion Warnings - Doorbell3

Is there anyway to have this option working on a Doorbell 3? Just doesn’t seem to make sense to have this option on older versions but not newer :confused:

Hi @user177. The Motion Warning feature is not available on battery-powered devices, even if the devices are connected to external power. The Video Doorbell 3 is a battery-powered device, so this is why the Motion Warning feature isn’t available for it. Thanks for sharing your feedback, I’ll pass it onto the right team. :slight_smile:

So you’re basically saying that me, who paid $600 for 3 ring spotlight cam battery versions can’t use a simple feature like that? I paid the same amount as someone who would’ve bought the wired version and they get the feature and not me? And it is definitely is possible because all the cameras and battery doorbells have speakers. Heck quick replies even work on battery doorbells. Why won’t motion warning? Makes zero sense