Motion warning toggle

First, I am sorry for this lengthy post. Hello community. This is my first post. I know there have been other posts about this topic but I still need help. I installed my floodlight cam pro wired 2 weeks ago. I have updated all software for the cam and updated the ring app. Everything is working great. Tonight I noticed the “motion warning” toggle so I thought I’d turn it on. I receive an error that this device doesn’t support Motion Warning. I’ve been thru all the info on this feature and my cam should support it. I called in to support and spoke to a Vanessa. She informed me that this feature has been removed from the newer cam’s because neighbors were complaining that they were getting this warning when they would take walks. She stated that the older floodlight cam’s still had the Motion Warning feature available to them. I went on to tell her that I have the newest floodlight cam available and I want this feature active for my cam and that I don’t care about what neighbors complain about. These cam’s are bought for our security. She said she will document that I want this feature. What is going on here? Is she right? Any help is appreciated.

Hi @pscs1685. I apologize for any misinformation you may have received from our support team. The Motion Warning feature is being rolled out incrementally for selected Ring devices. The Motion Warning feature is not available on battery-powered devices, even if the devices are connected to external power. If you have an eligible device (listed below) but don’t see the feature, make sure you have the most current version of the Ring app. If you need to know how to update your Ring app, use this link for instructions.

If you’ve updated the Ring App and you’re still receiving this message, try a fresh setup of the Floodlight Cam in the Ring App. Walk through the steps under Set Up a Device to set it up again, and then try to activate the Motion Warnings feature. If it still will not let you, please follow up with our support team so they can take a deeper look and troubleshoot this appropriately with you. :slight_smile: