Motion warning options

Would be really nice if the new motion warning came with some additional features:

(1) Option to narrow it down to type of motion, such as people only. I live close to a road and am unable to keep the function on my doorbell due to the fact that it picks up passing cars (especially at night) and ends up repeating “You are being recorded” all night long.

(2) Option for setting a schedule to turn the feature on and off. My floodlight, for instance, is on my garage further back and I only like it to be on during the night in hopes of startling off would-be creepers (most often, people breaking into vehicles) during the hours that they are most likely to be there. I’m not really about trying to creep out people going about their normal routines during the day (such as the mailman who cuts through my yard or my neighbor who may be out mowing the small strip of grass between our properties [we share mowing responsibilities for it]).

As much as it could be quite helpful, the feature - at least in its current format - really does have a bit of a creep factor when sounding off at inappropriate times.