Motion Snooze Function


Can anyone tell me what’s the deal with the motion snooze function if I snooze it on my mobile phone it only stops notifications to my mobile phone and not anyone else’s in the house and Alexa still announces also, It seems pretty pointless if it’s working right like if I’m heading off to work at 5am the whole house is notified on snooze lol.
I get the feature it’s handy for a person that’s that’s sleeping or does not want to be disturbed but wouldn’t it serve a better purpose if the motion snooze function had two settings > snooze & snooze all or is somebody going to tell me that’s what it should be doing.

Device : Ring Doorbell Pro
Signal Strength : RSSI - 42

I wouldn’t want someone else to decide for me which notifications I receive or don’t receive. I’m perfectly capable of making those decisions myself so this would be a pointless feature.

However, if you still want to suggest the feature leave it in this area ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) and let others vote on it. If it receives enough votes then the Ring Devs MIGHT consider it for inclusion in the future.

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