Motion Setting in app CRASH as of UPDATE of 09-10-20

As of today and the latest update for ANDROID you can NOT use motion settings or update or change them. Each time the app is opened to that setting it crashes and closes. This has been since the new update of 09-09-20. Using on Google pixel and also does it on chromebook. HELP FIX now.

Is this on the Pixel running Android 11? If so which model? I’ll see if it happens to me as well. Also, which Ring device is it?

Ok, I’ve tried this using the 3.30.0 Ring app on my Pixel 3a and 4a running Android 11 using my Ring Pro doorbell and other devices. I don’t have the same issue. It works fine for me. I do see a problem with my outdoor stickup cam latest version on the dashboard. It shows it as offline but in the device section it works fine. Other than that I don’t see anything else wrong so far. It may be another app that is conflicting with the Ring app. You could also try removing that version and downloading the last version from

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Here’s a list of apps that can cause problems with the Ring app.

Here’s a link to the last Ring app version.

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