Motion sesor not working

Hi Guys ,

I got new ring doorbell v 2 and looks like motion detection is not working, even if

i have it enabled on the phone.

detection zone are on maximum.

frequency is on maximu as well…

still no single log about it in even in history even when I am dancing infromt of the dorbell.

is there anything else I am missing or my dorbell is faulty

Hey @MartinK. For not seeing a record of the events in your event history, are you sure you have a Ring Protect Plan that is active on your account? You will need to make sure you have this in order to see the events show up. Please let me know if this is the case!

Thanks for comming back to me…

I am curently on 30 days free trial (at least thast what is says on my ring aplication) so I belive this is activated…

I belive plan is ok… I hope

Also from what I am reading about the plans, this Motion alert is available in all of them…

See atachement…

@MartinK Perfect! I assumed you were on the trial, but just wanted to make sure in case this was the simple reason as to why you were not seeing any motion events. Just to verify, when you go into your Ring app > Devices > Ring Video Doorbell 2 > Event History - you do not see any events there?

If this is the case and you’ve tested this by standing in front of the doorbell and trying to trigger it, please check your Device Health page. If you see that the device is online, please preform a reset on the device by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds. After that reset, try to activate your Doorbell to record motion by standing and moving in front of it. Let me know how this goes!

Still same, i did full reset still no notifications showing at all… :frowning: , this must be faulty

@MartinK Just to see what may be causing this concern, can you reach out to our support team here please? Let me know how calling them up goes!

Mine doesn’t detect motion well either. When cars pass by in the street it goes off, but when someone approaches my door and sets down a package, nothing. Not sure what to do.

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