Motion Sensors

Does anyone know of any (non-Wifi, non-cellular, non-Bluetooth) portable, battery-operated (indoor/outdoor) motion detectors that are very reliable and don’t cause interference with other devices? In other words, where a motion sensor (containing a transmitter) is in one location and a receiver in another.

Hi @Frustrated427. We have these Motion Sensors here that pair with our Ring Bridge. The Motion Sensors are non-Wifi, non-cellular, non-Bluetooth and connect to our Ring Bridge using ring patent radio frequency. I hope this helps.

@Tom_Ring I took a look at the sensors. Can you explain what is meant by it extends motion range of cameras by 15 feet? So you can put this anywhere on a house, that isn’t necessarily within 15 feet of a camera, and it will trigger the camera when the new motion sensor senses motion AND provides a new inherent feature of 15 more feet extended motion zone on the camera that shows up in the App for customization?

Hi @trail-explorer. This is alluding to the fact that the Motion Sensor can be linked to Ring Smart Lighting. For example, if you have a Floodlight that give you coverage from your house to the end our your patio, you can place a Motion Sensor at the edge of the patio and link it to the Floodlight to “extend” it’s capabilities. I hope this makes sense.

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@Tom_Ring ahhhhh… I understand now. Your example cleared it up! Thanks

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No problem, @trail-explorer!

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