Motion Scheduling - Does you cam still record video?

I started to use Motion scheduling because every night, sometimes multiple times I was awoken by small deer, rabbits or skunks. I have People Mode only on the cameras and I have trimmed the detection areas to real small areas. I have multiple cams (Flood and Spot) and they all exhibit the same issue. People Mode did not reduce the false alarms to the point, I don’t think it does anything.

Next, I compromised security by using the scheduled settings. I turn of alarms from 9pm to 6am. I have a separate Weekday and Weekend schedule which may be important to note.

First off, I found it strange that no video has been captured during the scheduled times I set. Considering I was awoken each night. So, I question if the scheduling of the cameras also stops video recording. I will test again today.

Secondly, Animals still set off the notifications even though I have a schedule. Its not as offten as before but does happen.

I have a few cameras (Flood and spotlight). I live in a rural area so traffic triggering the camera is infrequent. I have the People Only mode set and hoped that would prevent false alarms from animals like small deer, rabbits, Skunks. It does not, the sensors still trigger.

So, now I am using the Motion schedule to prevent triggering when we are in bed. I did not want to do this as it reduces security that we originally wanted. However, getting woken up each night but wildlife is no fun. So, I set two scheduled on each device. Weekday and Weekend. The scheduled is set to not alert me 9pm-6am on weekdays and 9am to 7am on weekends.

My first observed issue was that I NEVER get any captured video during the scheduled quite time yet, it is supposed to still capture video and just not alert me.

Secondly, the schedule was set this morning to not alert me until after 7:00 AM. Yet, at 6:01, I am woken by two small deer’s on the came. I think they were smiling too :).

So I am asking Ring and the community are you using the scheduling and does it work for you?

Are you getting video’s captured during the scheduled time you have when alerts are suppressed?

I am beginning to think we have a serious flaw in the system that is jeopardizing our security.

Is People Only mode working for anyone?