Motion recording/detection is still enabled when mode is changed

When changing the mode setting from the dashboard, Ring security cameras’ motion detection/recording look like are updated according to the pre-configured settings. If going into the devices, you will find that record motion and motion notification are NOT changed.

Hey @rjsh. What Ring device(s) do you see this on? If you could provide screenshots referencing what you are mentioning, this could help clear it up! In addition, let me know what kind of iPhone you have, as well as what iOS you are running the app on. Lastly, if you find that events and alerts may still be recording/sending to your phone when you are otherwise in the correct Mode that disallows motion detection, please try toggle to another Mode, such as Home or Away, stay in that Mode for about a minute or so, and then toggling back to Disarm or whichever Mode you noticed this concern on. Then, please check your app and let me know how this goes! :slight_smile: