Motion notifications not showing.

Since Monday, I have noticed that in my app (which was updated 2 days ago) I am not getting any motion notifications. This started yesterday morning so I went to the app and to each camera and turned the toggle off then on and then it was fine until this morning when no notifications were appearing. I did the same again and it started to work again.
I read on Google play that there are issues with the new update. Is this one of the areas that’s been impacted.
I am using the app on an Android phone.
I have the doorbell pro and floodlight cameras.

Haven’t had that issue. I’m still getting notifications on my Android. I would try deleting the app. Reboot the phone. Then reinstall the app. You will though need to sign in again. Hopefully that will correct the issue for you.

Tried it, seems to work, let’s see how long it lasts for.
I was reading in play store that the update few days ago has caused many issues with other users hence suspect this could be related

What I have noticed is that even on the app, it hasn’t picked up the motion, I can see that motions are being picked up by the doorbell but I have set it so it doesn’t notify me, just has that red circle with the amount of notifications there are. With the cameras, it’s not picked anything up. It’s for all the cameras. It was fine last night and then this morning it’s gone back to not picking anything up. Really struggling to understand what is going on