Motion notification schedule off yet still triggers Alexa?

Ring doorbell 2. Obviously motion notifications are not necessary during the day but at night they are crucial. I set a schedule using the app to deactivate motion alerts during the day but it still triggers the alert on 10 Alexa devices I have round the house! Because of this my wife disabled this feature without telling me and last night we were robbed! Thanks a bunch Ring! There is an entire thread you have ignored on this for over a year. You only care about new customers but not existing and because of this I will be switching to another product. The Police who took a witness statement today said they have had this happen before and were critical about your product because of this known issue you won’t rectify. Terrible company. Take a look at me getting robbed while fast asleep in bed because you didn’t bother addressing the issue.

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That’s terrible. I hope you got the punks.

No, they wore masks and went on to Rob three other properties eventually getting disturbed by a neighbour who was alerted by his Arlo system.