Motion Notification - No Live View - Establishing Connection/Activating Camera

Ring 2 Doorbell

I have been trying to resolve this for a while. Whenever I get a notification on my iPhone that the front door camera/doorbell has detected motion, and I click the notification on the phone to open the app to show me the live view, the app opens to a black screen and just switches back and forth displaying “establishing connection” and “activating camera”, this continues to switch back and forth quickly until the system eventually times out and I get an error saying that my wifi may be blocking live view.

However whenever I attempt to open live view without any notification of motion, the live view opens up normally, thus the wifi is not blocking it. It only fails when there is a notification of motion and the camera is working to detect it.

It only happens when the camera has detected motion that it does not allow me to open live view. Which of course is the most important time I need live view.

Phone is an iPhone XS
Internet is AT&T Fiber 1000 (gigabit)
Ring is Hardwired
Signal Strength is RSSI-51
Firmware is up to date.

The first thing I would try is adding the mac address for the doorbell into the dmz on the router. (As a test).

If that doesn’t work I would have a look at which devices are using my network and try to turn whatever I can off to see it that make a difference.

Just pulled it up, MAC address is in there.

Device Details
Connection Point - Wi-Fi Gateway
Connection Type - 2.4 GHz
Link Rate - 58Mbps
MAC address is list, and the IP Address

And that device has a static ip ?

If it were me, I would pull the doorbell and put it on my mantle, which just so happens to be in a large room along with my router and extender. Does it behave differently ?

When you stay “that device”, I’m assuming you mean the Ring.

Both my rings devices (front door and back door) are both showing on my network with their own MAC Addresses, and their own distinct IP Addresses.

The only one having an issue is the front door. The only difference between the two is the front door is hard wired and the back door is operating on battery power. Signal difference is minimal between both. Only wireless devices on my network are the 2 rings, and 2 laptops.

And both devices are in the dmz ? And their ip addresses are re-written at runtime (you did not enter them manually) ? It probably is not a bad idea to give both devices static ips.

I would make the non-functioning device more similar to the functioning device (as a test).

I would still pull the device back into the house.

I have this same problem. Whenever the doorbell rings and I pull up the Ring app or Rapid Ring app then I get a black screen showing establishing connection. But if I press Live View without any prior notification then it works fine and the video appears within 1-2 seconds.

Device Health is great as I placed a wifi access point only one foot away from the Ring Video Doorbell Pro so my Signal Strength is RSSI -35. That access point has 80 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up, which works fine with Ring. What could the problem be here?