Motion not working

I have a new stick up cam that is hardwired. The motion detection does not work at all. It worked great the first week that we had it. But now nothing. We didn’t even have motion zones at first. They did show up one time and I set the zones but that still didn’t help. But now the motion zones don’t even show up. I called tech-support and she tried to help but still nothing. Thanks

Hey @Macpianoman. Please know that the Stick Up Cam Wired will only have Advanced Motion Detection and Adjustable Motion Zones, but not Customizable Motion Zones. You can see what this is like in our Help Center Article here. I’m happy to help out more with this concern you are having though! Do you never get motion alerts, or do they not seem consistent? Please let me know what you have your Motion Settings set to, as well as your Motion Frequency and what your Live View looks like! Happy to help further with you on this. :slight_smile: