Motion keeps going off

I have a wedge installed and have the fields directed to be the smallest. Yet I still get several notifications and no motion is really present in the recorded video. What else can I try?

Good question @Mroe11517! This depends on Doorbell model, as settings can differ by motion type. Which Doorbell do you have?

Ring 2

Thank you for confirming this @Mroe11517 ! You’ve taken all the right steps to optimize motion, especially with utilizing settings and wedge kits. The Doorbell 2 detects motion through heat signatures. It can some times take a little bit of trial and error to tailor a device to an area. Checking for any heat sources nearby can also help to avoid false motion events.

If this concern persists, the next best steps would be to check in with our support team, for more in depth troubleshooting. :slight_smile: