Motion issue

So myself and several others in the neighbor group for our area have this issue and would like a way to let Ring know to fix it.
After it detects motion, let’s say after a delivery the camera seems to not detect additional motion for a minute or 2 . What’s been happening is people are getting deliveries then the item is being grabbed right after it’s left and the camera is not detecting that motion so the porch pirates must know this flaw. Anyone know how to submit this to Ring? Or have any suggestions?

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Hi @Matty75! Depending on your device model, there are a few ways to improve recording and detection of motion events. There are ways to adjust the recording length of your device to preserve battery life. This also means it will be able to record and communicate an event quicker resulting in a quicker time til the next event.

Motion frequency is another setting that will actually limit the time between events if set to “frequent”.

Other than the settings above, answering an event real time is the best way to capture important or routine events for longer than the default recording time. Answering an event real time or live viewing, will allow for video to be streamed for up to 10 minutes. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is still a flaw, once these thieves figure out these doorbells have a reset period they will use that to steal items. The doorbell needs to have a longer recording period on motion or be able to record the next motion immediately and not wait for it to upload the first motion video then reset. This is a huge flaw!! Needs fixed immediately.