Motion detectors going off for no reason

My Motion detectors are going off for some unknown reason. They are located in the garage, and they are being triggered randomly when I am certain there is no human in there causing the motion. They are triggered repeatedly several times within minutes, and both the batteries are fully charged. Other potential factors I was wondering about include the temperature beingVery cold, dust, or potentially a rat or mouse, although I do not see any droppings from the such critters. Does anyone have any experience with the above factors triggering your motion sensors or have any other thoughts on what could be triggering the sensors? Thanks so much

Hi @Samwise. Thanks for telling us a little bit about where your Motion Detector is located. With this being located in your garage, it is very possible that these false activations could be caused by the temperature. The Ring Motion Detector operates off of a passive infrared system. This system detects changes in temperature in relation to the ambient temperature in the room.

If it is usually very cold in the garage, a small rodent could potentially cause it to go off. To determine if this is something in the garage causing it to go off, try testing your Motion Detector. You can do this by placing the Motion Detector in a closet of drawer for a short amount of time to see if it still has false activations in a environment with no moment at all. If it behaves normally, there is something in your garage that is causing it to activate and it may benefit from adjusting it’s placement. I hope this helps!

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