motion detector

“Hi, just testing my motion detector, it notices movement but is not sounding the alarm when the alarm is activated. Any ideas why?”

Hey there, @Firextinguisher! When configuring your Ring Alarm Motion Detector, you will have an option between two placement scenarios that will decide the related armed mode reaction.

  • Room -For use in rooms that do not have or face entry doors. With this setting, Ring Alarm will sound immediately when motion is detected when armed. (No entry delay is available with this setting.).
  • **Entryway - ** For use in rooms, hallways, and other areas where your Main Doors are within the range of view. When Arming in Away mode, you have a customizable Exit Delay that allows you to exit as well as an entry delay that gives you time to enter and disarm Ring Alarm.

Check out our help center article to see how to adjust this and more. I recommend also checking which mode you armed the Alarm in and the Entry/ Exit delay set for the mode.

If you feel that your Motion Detector did not trigger the entry delay in an armed mode when it should have, please check out our Community post about the Modes feature to ensure this Motion Detector is included in the associated Mode. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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