Motion detector has a field of view of my front door that is set as " main door "... will it override the entry delay and trigger the alarm?

I’m a little confused by how the motion detector work. Currently, my motion detector has a field of view of my living room, kitchen and front door. ( I live in an apartment )

I have a contact sensor installed on the front door and it’s set as " main door ". ( when armed, there will be an entry and exit delay )

Does the motion detector ( that is set to " room " mode so alarm sounds immediately when it senses motion ) override the main door delay if it detected my movements while I disarm the alarm on my keypad?

Hi @AliceAurum. If the Entry or Exit Delay is counting down, but the Motion Detector detects motion, this would trigger the alarm. You’d then need to disarm it. What you can do is either swap the placement of the Motion Detector to Entryway so it doesn’t immediately trigger the alarm, or you can slightly reposition it so that you can disarm the system without being picked up by the Motion Detector. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

When you enter a door that is set to have an entry delay, the motion detectors will not set off the alarm during the countdown. I know this because that is the way mine works. I have a motion detector aimed in the entry by my front door, and I cannot get to the keypad without triggering that motion sensor. Of course you can (and should) try this yourself by turning off professional monitoring in the app (just in case, as you should for all testing) and seeing that the siren does not sound.