Motion Detector for Light Bridge

On a Tech call today I was told my Bridge lighting needed a motion detector tied to my bridge, not my alarm motion detector. I cannot find where this item is being sold on the website. The tech was supposed to send me an email. Nothing so far.

Hey @lsutigerdad. I’m not too sure what they may have been referencing, but I assume this product is it? Let me know if this seems right!

Thanks. I have 2. One for the front flood lights, one for the back yard flood lights. By chance can you recommend a smart home app like smart things that recognizes Ring bulbs/lights and devices?

@lsutigerdad Awesome news! Personally, I only know and use Amazon Alexa for my smart home integration, so if you’re willing to go down that route I really do recommend it. We also have a lot of support article about the RIng and Alexa integration if you go to and search “Alexa”! :slight_smile: