Motion Detector and alarm system

I have my Sunroom and Garage covered by Ring motion detectors. Since we are in and out of these 2 locations many times a day, I disable “Motion” during the day.

Will the Motion be automatically Enabled when I put the Keypad into “Away”, or do I have to go to each motion detector and enable motion at night??

These 2 Detectors are set to be ignored in “Home” mode … but if motion is enabled (so as to work when system is Armed) I still get cell phone notifications.

Thnaks for the help!!

No expert here but curious, when you say you disable motion do you mean disable motion alerts?

My motion sensors have the alerts disabled, Home mode set to ignore , Away mode set to monitored and sensitivity to medium. I can use Home mode and walk by the motion sensors without receiving alerts. (If I open the app I can see the sensors have tripped but not bothered by any alerts.) If I switch to away mode the motion sensors will trip the alarm.

Motion detectors are always ON - you’ll always see the events in your event history. You can turn off notifications for them (which is the default). If armed and tripped, the alarm will sound irrespective of notification alert setting.

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Hi, I’m having an issue with my x2 motion detectors.

Settings I have :

motion alerts disabled

Mode setting away = on

home setting = ignore

now with the system in DISARMED mode…I should be able to walk around with no motion notifications right.? I get no phone alerts however My alarm base station and chime pro audible ping every time I enter my kitchen or hallway, it’s driving me crazy.

if I am in HOME mode, they don’t ping…however now opening any of my doors sets off the alarm. I would rather not turn them off in this mode to try and fix.

amy ideas what I’ve done wrong? I want no base station or chime pro audible pings for motion when alarm is in DISARMED mode.

Under the motion device select “Chirp Tones” and make sure it is set to NONE.

I have motion detectors the same a you and I hear no chirps with this turned off.


Awesome! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

When you say notification alerts can be turned off are you referrring to this

Motion Alert?