Motion detection unreliable

I have the Ring Spotlight camera, the battery version, with a solar panel attached. Battery is always around 96-100%, never really lower.

My camera will pick up every single rabbit that runs accross my driveway. Every single bird that flies accross the area, and even bees that are close to the camera. While this is, at times, annoying, nothing is more annoying than the fact that someone broke into my car in the driveway, and the camera only caught the last second of him doing so.

He was already out of the car, and started walking away when the camera started recording. While I am happy that it caught something, he left no marks on the car, and I was able to figure out that he stole the garage door opener (because he accidently hit the button while running away,) it is annoying that it catches everything I don’t care about, but not what I need.

I’ve avoided the Nest cameras due to the bandwidth usage and the fact that I need more wiring done, but maybe I have to consider it. I have 5 of these cameras, and now I wonder how much I can really trust them.

Is there something I am missing?

Also, I tried to post the video to the community site from the app, but it was rejected because I violated guidlines? Maybe becauase I used a word to indicate he wasn’t very bright, this caused the rejection maybe? Kinda annoying…

Any advice or help is appreciated.


Edit: I corrected a grammer error I noticed, while I normally wouldn’t care much about grammer, it made a sentence difficult to read.

Hi there, @AverageGuy! You might consider adjusting the position for your Spotlight Camera to ensure that it is captures the right area, especially with the motion detection on the device. Please review this article here for more information on how to position the camera. Once the camera is adjusted, you may have more luck with capturing the events you need. In addition, please review ourhelp article about motion detection to see if any settings need to be tweaked as well!