Motion detection schedule

With motion schedule you can turn off motion notifications.
Is RING able to include an option in this feature to also permit turning off motion DETECTION…?
I have a crap broadband signal and my son likes online gaming… If i go outside one or both of my rear cameras activate and as a consequence he gets serious lag issues when playing.
For some stick up cam users who want to preserve battery life during the daytime or when regularly at home, this would be a great benefit also…
So how about it? I think many would benefit from this… can any interested readers give this a kudos vote if you would like this feature added and perhaps someone at RING can get the devt. team on the case.
Thank you.

Hi there, @Guido22. You’ll be happy to hear that there is a toggle in the Ring app for disabling motion detection. When in the Ring app, visit your Ring device page and there should be toggles for Motion Alerts and for Motion Detection. Toggling the Motion Detection will prevent detection. At this time, there is not a way to schedule this with motion scheduling.

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